Yin Yoga TT level 1 August 2019

WAITINGLIST!!! Please send an e-mail to admin@pranayogastudio.be with your name & mobile number and wait for the chance to get into the training when a spot comes available.


2019, August 3 – 7.

5 days of training. This is a 50h Yoga Alliance Certified Training.

Daily time schedule: 8.30 – 12.00 / 13.00 – 15.30


Early bird price (pay before 20th March 2019): 695€

Full price (pay after 20th March 2019): 750€

Included in the price: 30 contact hours and 20 hours of pre-reading and homework, Teacher Training Manual, water & tea & little snack during the breaks.

Training info

This 5-day training is designed to get a profound understanding of the human body, the organs and their corresponding Meridians. Daily practice will make you experience the benefit of this healing practice on an individual level.

Deepen your own practice and learn how to adapt the poses to your personal needs and circumstances while getting important insights from Western & Chinese Medicine regarding our organs and their emotional & mental qualities.

After this course you will feel prepared to integrate Yin Yoga into your own practice and teaching.

This very complete training includes 50 hours of continuing teaching with Yoga Alliance. A very well and easy presented theory will be completed with daily Yin yoga practice, interactive learning methods and playful repetitions over the whole week.


· Playful repetition of your anatomic knowledge
· Fasciae – the glue of our body
· Organs – how they influence our emotional & mental patterns · Western & Chinese Medicine regarding the organs
· Modern Meridian Theory
· Yin Yoga – how and when to apply more than 30 positions


· Daily Yin Yoga practice
· Interactive work to remember & apply the new information
· Tracking the Meridians on the human body
· Recognizing the Meridians in Yin poses
· Getting familiar in choosing the appropriate Yin poses for body parts & organs
· Establishing Yin sequences

Who can attend this course?

You can be a Yoga student, a Yoga teacher, a Therapist or simply interested into the healing process of the human body, soul & mind.

If you have doubts whether or not you bring the necessary foundation to attend this training, please get directly in touch with wagnermirjam@web.de.

Required Lecture ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers

Suggested Lecture Yin Yoga, Principles & Practice by Paul Grilley

Extra info

This is a non-residential Teacher Training. This training does not include housing or food. There is the option to sign up for biological vegetarian lunch for an extra price, which will be served in the Studio between 12 & 13pm, when we’re having our lunch break. You are also allowed to bring your own lunch.

The course is fully taught by Mirjam Wagner in English, there will be no translation into Dutch.


Prana Yoga Studio, Dorp 37, 2861 Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver, Belgium (between Antwerp and Brussels).

The course is limited to 40 students.

Send an e-mail to info@pranayogakaren.be if you want to attend this course.

Mirjam Wagner

As a passionate and experienced Osteopath & Yoga Teacher, Mirjam Wagner found her true passion in the quiet practice of Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy.

In her teachings Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a healing and spiritual approach by integrating Meditation, Mindfulness, Chinese Medicine & A Course in Miracles.

Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Gil Hedley, Ted J. Kapchuk, Dr. Daniel Keown and Marianne Williamson are some of the most important influences and inspirations on her path.

Mirjam’s profound knowledge and passion for the human body and its close relationship to emotional and mental patterns make her a very caring and inspiring teacher who guides you into a deeper connection to yourself and others.

If you don´t have the chance to participate in one of her trainings or want to deepen your understanding and practice with Mirjam, you will find a wonderful opportunity to do so by using her Online Studio with healing practices in Yin Yoga, Meditation and the powerful work with the Feminine Archetypes.

More info on Mirjam on www.yogatherapymallorca.com.