25/06/19 Yin Yoga Live Music & Mantra Concert with Lulu & Mischka

REGISTRATION OPENS THE 1st OF MAY 2019, earlier registrations will not be confirmed

Tuesday the 25th of June 2019, 19h – 20h30 Live Music Yin Yoga: €30, 20h45 – 22h15 Mantra Concert €20 with Lulu & Mischka (Australia, english spoken), register through admin@pranayogastudio.be. You can register for both activities or just one, please make sure you let us know what you are registering for in the e-mail. The Yin Class is taught by Karen Vanlangendonck.

Live Music Yin Yoga

Guided by the healing sound of the voices and guitar and harmonium of Lulu & Mischka, Karen will lead you through a sweet Yin Yoga Class where you can feel safe and at home. While listening to the beautiful sounds of the NOW, you don’t have time to dive into your past or future. Only here & now healing can exist, in the acceptance and surrendering of everything that takes place.

The poses will be held very long, what gives you the opportunity to sink into a deeper level of opening, relaxing & letting go. Time is our friend in Yin Yoga, we create space & patience, where in daily life we are often experiencing the opposite.

The music will guide you, together with the soothing voice of Karen, giving just a few instructions to get safe in & out of your poses. There are not a lot of words needed to get you into this unique journey of your body, mind & soul…

Mantra Concert

Lulu & Mischka are musicians and inner peace facilitators that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms from east and west, guiding people to unite in sound and silence through the power of chanting. Their offerings see them travel the globe for chanting concerts, workshops and retreats as well as receiving inspirations and teachings. Based in the Byron Bay region of Australia, life’s calling leads L&M on their mission to support the awakening of humanity.

A deep immersion into the union of souls through music. Lulu & Mischka create a pure and joyful space for deep connection & transformation within.
Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening english lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom. They follow the tradition of their hearts including all the is birthed from the very essence of love consciousness.

Lulu’s pure and crystal clear vocals awaken and inspire listeners to share their voice and join the prayer into the heart of all. Ecstatic, meditative, blissful.
Be taken on a journey… hearts wide open.


Who are Lulu & Mischka?

We are so proud to host Lulu & Mischka, two amazingly pure artists to our Studio, all the way from Australia!

L&M travel the world gathering traditional prayers to share them in their own unique way; this year they have release their 3rd album ‘Enchanted’ – a live studio recording.
The last 6 years has seen them tour throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, holding Chanting Concerts and workshops, performing at festivals, including Bali Spirit Festival, India Yoga Festival, Barcelona Yoga Conference, Byron Spirit Fest, Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), as well as retreats, yoga teacher trainings and health & wellness resorts.

Mischka’s humble guidance creates a supported space reminding us of our inner light. Lulu’s enchanting voice purifies listeners as well as inspires and invites them to playfully explore their own true sound.


Location: Prana Yoga Studio, Dorp 37/1, 2861 OLV Waver, Belgium

Practical info:

  • wear comfortable clothes, maybe different layers
  • bring your own yoga mat, all other props can be used from the Studio. If you don’t have your own mat, you can use one of ours.
  • during the mantra workshop we will be sitting on bolsters and meditation cushions
  • bring a water bottle you can close, tea and water are available