08/06/19 Full Day Yoga Workshop with David Lurey

REGISTRATION OPENS THE 1st OF MAY 2019, earlier registrations will not be confirmed

Saturday the 8th of June 2019, 10h – 17h Full Day Yoga Workshop, €80with David Lurey (US, english spoken), register through admin@pranayogastudio.be.

Full Day Yoga Workshop

Join David Lurey for this full day yoga workshop. This is a workshop open for everybody, beginners & advanced yogi’s. David’s style is very unique & personal, he always succeeds in motivating everybody in his/her own level.

Involution & Evolution

Looking inwards to expand outwards

Looking back… waaaaayyyyy back… before there was the material world, we began as vibration. From there, billions of years have passed and we have learned to move & grow in many amazing ways. This class includes meditation, music, ‘functional movement,’ asana practice and breathing to unite the past and future into the present moment.

Morning session from 10h – 13h

With mantra, meditation and movement, we will explore the evolution of how we humans can use our bodies.  It is an experiential journey with Yoga poses, not-Yoga poses, theory and applied philosophy.

Afternoon session from 14h30 – 17h

Building on the theme of our evolutionary movements, we continue to grow in the exploration and complexity of movement with Yoga poses, not-Yoga poses and movements and applied philosophy.

Who is David Lurey?

David Lurey has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and is a self-titled ‘Global Yogi’. Since 2005, he has been sharing Yoga as a traveling teacher in Brasil, The United States and Europe with teaching inspired from different paths of Yoga focusing on the dynamic transformation when Body, Mind and Spirit align towards self-realization.  With a physical practice that focuses on stable foundations and movement principles, he supports students in awakening the inner teacher. With mindful awareness, he also guides students to a place of peace of mind so the essence of the heart can be revealed.  As a musician, David leads weaves mantra and heart songs into classes supporting the opening and he also leads Kirtan chanting with an open and energetic feel awakening positive vibrations with a playful and loving connection. For more information please visit: www.findbalance.net

Location: Prana Yoga Studio, Dorp 37/1, 2861 OLV Waver, Belgium

Practical info:

  • wear comfortable clothes, maybe different layers
  • bring your own yoga mat, all other props can be used from the Studio. If you don’t have your own mat, you can use one of ours.
  • bring a water bottle you can close, tea and water are available
  • bring a notebook & a pen when you like to take notes (your choice)