02/08/19 Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner

REGISTRATION OPENS THE 1st OF MAY 2019, earlier registrations will not be confirmed

Friday the 2nd of August 2019, 19h – 20h30 Yin Yoga Class with Mirjam Wagner: €30, register through admin@pranayogastudio.be.

Yin Yoga Class

Feel welcome to join Mirjam’s class, this is a class for everybody, beginners & advanced yogi’s can participate. The class is thaught in English.

Connecting to my inner guidance

We all have an inherent wisdom that is designed to guide us safely through life. It is this inner voice with the capacity to let us know which way to go. However, the external world is telling us constantly that we have not enough, that we are not enough or that we don ́t know enough.

So, we keep trying hard to improve and get better: we subscribe to another course, buy another book, listen to another podcast and spend time and money looking for the answers we are so much looking for.

Yet, the only thing we need to remember is to pause from time to time, so we can soften and connect with our inner wisdom. Within stillness we find the answers to all our questions, doubts and worries. By simply becoming still we can actually hear our inner voice, we can feel our inherent guidance and we realize that all we need is already here, inside of us.

Who is Mirjam Wagner?

Mirjam lives in Mallorca and is now for the 3rd year in a row in our Prana Yoga Studio Belgium to train yogi’s in the Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Besides that she likes to offer again a Yin Yoga Class which is suitable for everybody, so you can get to know her and she can share her passion with you…

As a passionate and experienced Osteopath & Yoga Teacher, Mirjam Wagner found her true passion in the quiet practice of Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy.

In her teachings Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a healing and spiritual approach by integrating Meditation, Mindfulness, Chinese Medicine & A Course in Miracles.

Sarah Powers, Paul GrilleyGil HedleyTed J. Kapchuk, Dr. Daniel Keown and Marianne Williamson are some of the most important influences and inspirations on her path.

Mirjam’s profound knowledge and passion for the human body and its close relationship to emotional and mental patterns make her a very caring and inspiring teacher who guides you into a deeper connection to yourself and others.

If you don´t have the chance to participate in one of her trainings or want to deepen your understanding and practice with Mirjam, you will find a wonderful opportunity to do so by using her Online Studio with healing practices in Yin Yoga, Meditation and the powerful work with the Feminine Archetypes.

More info on Mirjam on www.yogatherapymallorca.com.


Location: Prana Yoga Studio, Dorp 37/1, 2861 OLV Waver, Belgium

Practical info:

  • wear comfortable clothes, maybe different layers
  • bring your own yoga mat, all other props can be used from the Studio. If you don’t have your own mat, you can use one of ours.
  • bring a water bottle you can close, tea and water are available